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Limited warranty service
All consumers are covered by consumer laws or regulations in their country. Therefore, all consumers are protected by additional legal rights we offered.
1. Counseling service. Feel free to contact us via 400-880-8931 or via QQ group 252619521 if you had any question.
2. Guarantee of replacement service. Any quality problem caused by material after you bought our product, you could take your certificate, visit our repairing centre and ask for guarantee replacement service.
3. Repairing service. Any quality problem caused by material or workmanship, you could visit the repairing centre and ask for repairing service.
4. Any quality problem, we offer 7 days guarantee replacement service and one year free repairing service. ALSO, a 3 year paid repairing service.

Out of warranty service
For this part, the following terms have listed the situation that we refuse offering replacement service.
1. Damage caused by accident or person.
2. No certification or receipt, or product without serial number or warranty label, or product do not match serial number or the exact object.
3. Product warranty status is overdue.
4. No reception of personal judgments of color or acoustic.
5. For products whose production plan shut down, we only offer functional repair.

PS: Please read the User’s Manual before using any kind of our product.
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